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Kit Bradshaw Britain's Cyber Sperm Donors  


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25/06/2018 2:09 pm  
Kit Bradshaw shoddy journalist Britain's Cyber Sperm Donors

Shoddy journalism, most FB groups are run by lesbians and many women use fake profiles. PI isn't allowed in most FB groups and free sperm donation websites. Actually Pride Angel is one of the most dangerous paid sperm donation websites but hey much safer than Grindr, Tinder and Plenty of Fish.Also donor s have experienced abuse and expoiative behaviour, many donors have spoken to having being groomed by recipients.
Seems @kit bradshaw has a problem with straight men 🙁 and Laura Spoelstra-Witjens is hardly successful in life

"Donating sperm is about contributing to the creation of living, breathing children, and their best interests should be taken into consideration...."


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